Black and White or Colour Wedding

The best of both worlds.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event which you’ll want to remember forever with your partner. Every single photograph taken during and after your wedding will tell the story of how you and your partner united as one on your special day.

What choice do I have?

One decision you need to make when choosing the best wedding photography package for you is to decide whether you want your pictures taken in black and white or in full colour. No two photographers will have the same style of photography; like a painter, they’ll have their own way of capturing the moment.

Why choose black and white?

People associate vintage with sophistication. Black and white wedding photos are preferred by most couples because the theme itself provides a unique sense of elegance and sophistication which is unmatched by its coloured counterpart, not to mention a more artistic approach. A lot of black and white wedding photographers would even go the extra mile and use photo editing software to add more elegance to your black and white wedding photos.

Why choose colour?

Despite the elegance and sophistication of black and white wedding photos, if your wedding has a lot of colour motifs, then you might want to opt for coloured pictures. You need to weigh up the pros and cons between elegance and sophistication if you really want the blue gown the bridesmaids wore to also be captured.

But which should I choose?

It’s really up to you on how you want your photos to be taken; you can even get the best of both worlds by asking your photographer to take black and white wedding photos and also coloured photos. If your wedding photographer is shooting with digital camera, then you need to make sure you are getting the images in a printable format, then you get the best of both worlds by having the coloured photos printed black and white.

You only get married once and looking at your wedding photos should help you relive that special moment in your life when you and your partner exchanged “I do’s”.

Cheap Wedding Photography Packages, Pros & Cons

There are no second chances

Wedding preparations are always stressful for both bride and groom; if you’re planning to get married, then you might be feeling the stress already.

Wedding preparations are stressful because you want everything to go as planned, from the ceremony to the reception to the photography. Even the slightest slip like a delay in the arrival of the entourage’s gowns and suits can mean the success and failure of your wedding day.

With that in mind, the same thing can also be said for getting beautiful wedding photographs. Since you only get married once, it’s always very important that you capture the best moment of your life perfectly. You’ll never get a second chance at another wedding.

Wedding photos are more important than you think

Weddings are the grandest moments in our life; it’d be a terrible shame if we didn’t have anything to remember it by, and I don’t mean the receipt of the hotel you rented for the honeymoon!

There’s nothing more beautiful than reliving the best moments of your life. Deciding on whether to choose cheap wedding photography services or not is just as important as choosing where to hold the reception.

Tips for getting cheap wedding photography

You may find a photographer who is very talented, but just may need wedding experience. In this case carefully examine their portfolio of work in other photography fields. It will be easy to spot true talent in other areas. Then you will have a cheap wedding photographer grateful for the use of the images in a portfolio, while you get amazing quality photos for a lot less.

Talented photographers may have  different wedding photography packages that are more affordable. Remember to ask to see their best price they can offer. Some photographers don’t like to make their cheaper packages obvious!

If you’re not that much into how glamorous the pictures look, you can probably get more pictures if you give guests disposable cameras to capture the moment.

Cons and disadvantages of a budget wedding photographer

One disadvantage of cheap wedding photography is you are risking quality. Take note, high end photographers will always have an edge when it comes to talent and they will not come cheap.

Cheap wedding photographers may not have an eye for photography so won’t be able to fully capture the glamour of the wedding. Be sure to check their portfolios of past work.

More pictures don’t mean more good pictures. If you get guests to take your photos, you’ll find a lot of bad shots  like red irises, an extra person in the background and so on.

Final verdict

There are of course reasons why someone may be offering hugely discounted photography, and that is because they may already be talented photographer, but they just need some wedding experience. Make sure this is not the case before you write off a budget wedding photographer.

If not, it never hurts to spend a little more when you’re getting priceless pictures, and no amount of money can ever substitute for the precious moments caught on camera.

Wedding Photography Styles – Which is Right?

A Once in a Lifetime Event

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event you and your partner will always share. After all the necessary arrangements have been taken care of, like securing a reservation at that beach villa, or taking care of the seating arrangements for the guests, there’s nothing more important than preparing to capture the memory that you and your partner will talk about for a lifetime.

When it comes to special occasions like these, nothing’s more important than choosing the best wedding photographer to help you relive every beautiful minute of your wedding day.

Choosing will never be easy

I’ve organised my own wedding, and choosing the wedding photography style and the photographer was one of the hardest decisions. The best wedding photography services get booked months in advance and trust me, when you look back, you will want the best. I’ve met countless people who sorely regret their decision in their wedding photographer. It’s worth it to take the time to make the right decision.

Wedding photographers have different services and styles to offer for their clients which is why a lot of people often get lost in making their decision. Hopefully these explanations will help you make the decision in choosing the best wedding photography style for your wedding.

One of the most popular approaches is the traditional or classical style of photography. Traditional photography is when the wedding couple and their families are asked to pose on both sides. The photographer using this kind of approach would often have a step by step checklist starting from the bride and groom to their families. Traditional photographers are also concerned with proper lighting direction, print quality and even background. The only disadvantage to this style is that your pictures will lack the emotion and passion in your wedding.

Another style of wedding photography which is gaining popularity is the black and white photography. A lot of people choose this style simply because the wedding pictures give off a timeless essence and a classic and sophisticated look.

Another popular style is the photojournalism style of wedding photography. This style revolves around the photographer creating a story of your wedding through your pictures. It involves capturing the candid and romantic moments more than directing a pose. Think of it this way; your wedding day will be captured in the most candid yet unique and spontaneous way possible.

But no matter how popular a wedding style may be, it will always come down to your own preference. Remember, you’re not only limited to choosing one style. You can even choose to combine various styles to come up with your own way of preserving your special day for a lifetime.

Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer

Decisions, decisions, decisions

A wedding will always be prepared by making a series of decisions, each one with its own importance; like deciding on where to hold the ceremony, where to hold the reception, who to invite and so on. I know that wedding preparations can be stressful and making the right decisions are never that easy; so allow me to help you choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding by pointing out factors which can help you make your decisions a lot easier.

The style counts

No two wedding photographers will have the same style of photography. A lot of wedding photographers get their reputation and fame by being able to capture the moment perfectly with the right style.

If you’re going to think ahead, how would you want to take a look at your wedding pictures? Would you like a traditional and classical approach? Or would you settle for a classy black and white wedding photography?

Regardless of style, this will always affect your decision making in choosing your wedding photographers so it’s always a good idea to consult with your photographer about how you want your pictures taken.

Experience goes a long way

When you’re in the photography industry, your experience will always be your prized possession; with experience comes a wider portfolio, and a wider portfolio means being able to cater to clients of different preferences. Your photographer should be able to provide you with a showcase of his/her previous wedding pictures and projects so you’ll know what to expect of their pictures afterwards. Like I said earlier, style counts and you can see their styles through their portfolio. You need to be able to see how accurate he/she is with her camera and how well he/she can capture the images.

The real deal is hard to come by

The sad thing about a lot of wedding photographers is that they tend to be greedy, and they will be booked by more couples on any given day. They may then send their associate to do their work for them. You’d be lucky if you got the photographer on your wedding day but it’s not the same when you get their apprentice or associate.

You should always settle it in writing that the photographer should show up in person at the wedding; like I said earlier, no two photographers will ever have the same style. Remember, talented photographers don’t rely on second shooters; more pictures doesn’t mean more good pictures. If you’re on a budget, getting a second photographer might be out of the question.

Sometimes, a lot of people end up with higher expectations for their photographers which make it difficult for them to choose the best wedding photographer for them. If you remember those 3 important factors when it’s time to choose the wedding photographer, the decision should come a little easier now.

Beach Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding takes a backseat

When my parents got married, they held the ceremony in a small church and had the reception at a local hotel. Things were so different back then, and now traditional weddings have taken the backseat as more and more modern ways of getting married are slowly gaining popularity.

A glimpse at beach weddings and beach wedding photography

What’s so freeing about the locale and theme of beach wedding is that it literally breaks all bonds of tradition. What makes beach weddings more memorable and fun are the images that go with it.

Beach wedding photography is probably one of the most natural, candid and spontaneous ways to remember your unique wedding.

Although your professional photographer will provide you with direction and guide you with their expertise, it’s a good idea to talk about some ideas with guests to provide you with a wide range of angles:

More candid, less direction. Although there are instances wherein the photographer may require a traditional shot, most of the time candid is good for beach wedding photos

Secure good lighting when it’s night time or during sunset.

Sunsets will always make good photographic backgrounds.

Best times to take beach wedding photos are mid afternoon where the sun is not glaring . You don’t want to take pictures of guests where they’ll be squinting most of the time from the glare of the sun or heat.

Forget the tripod unless you’re standing on solid ground. Sand and tripods are not good friends and will probably create bad angles instead of making good ones.

Be updated with the tides. Beach wedding photos are great when it’s the low tide because you got a lot of ground to cover.

Take advantage of nature. Beaches will always have unique photographic locations that no studio or photo-editing software can create.

Be creative and spontaneous.

Have fun taking beautiful beach wedding photos. With all the spontaneity and action going, you might not even put down the camera for fear of missing a single moment.

Remember, your wedding photographs are your memories for that special day in your life. The magic of wedding photographs, especially beach wedding photographs, is that they never fail to make a couple forget just how special and memorable their wedding day was.

Portrait Photography

Photography is an art form. It is one of the most familiar and highly accessible art forms in the world. With a camera in hand, anyone can have that little touch of brilliance, as they capture special moments on film. Portrait photography is one of the most popular forms of photography in the world. People love to commemorate big moments with a picture. Whether it is the birth of a child, a wedding or a graduation, a portrait photographer is almost always on the guest list.

Portrait photography is also one of the oldest forms of photography. Dating back to the 1800’s, portrait photography has been around almost as long as the camera. Before the camera, portraits were created using oil paints. Although the final product was lovely, the process was painfully slow and required hours of sitting in one place. Such labor intensive efforts were also very expensive, so not very accessible to most people. The invention and popularization of the chemical camera, which was able to almost instantly capture an image on a negative was the start to the long and prestigious history of portrait photography. Initially, it took as long as 30 seconds to capture an image on film.

This long exposure time was related to the limitations of lighting. In order to make sure that the image was captured, all portraits were generally taken in a portrait studio. Although portrait photography was originally confined to the setting of a photographer’s studio, the modern portrait photographer can now practice his craft virtually anywhere. Portable lighting and reflecting equipment means that anywhere, even a forest or playground can become an instant portrait studio. It also means that it is easier than ever to become a portrait photographer. Many colleges and art schools offer courses on photography, which can teach you the basic fundamentals of using a DSLR camera. Some camera shops even hold workshops. You may also want to ask a photographer whose work you admire if they would be willing to mentor you. Today’s digital cameras mean make it easier than ever to become a photographer. Digital media means that there is no film, no need for a darkroom and as soon as you snap the image, it is on your memory media, ready to be printed off. If you are interested in becoming a portrait photographer, visit your library and check out some books, so that you can learn more about the ins and outs of the trade.

Become a Nature Photographer

Photography is such a great profession and one of the most satisfying and truly beautiful styles of the art is nature photography. Shooting wild life in their natural surroundings can be so satisfying in terms of creating great art as well as making a living. Everyone dreams of being able to make money doing what they love and when you become a nature photographer that is exactly what you are doing. When you add in macro nature photography to the mix it really gets interesting. Taking close up shots of wild life, plants and even insects can be extremely fun and rewarding.

While it is true that to become a nature photographer you should already have an inherent love for nature photography, but even if you don’t you may learn to over time. Keeping in mind that taking great pictures of wild life can be lucrative, you can develop a love for being out in the open and chronicling the habits and movements of all kinds of interesting things. People love macro shots of everything from plants and vegetation to the inside of a tiger’s mouth. The important part is that people are more than willing to spend money, lots of money on this type of photograph.

In the world of photography, nature photography is one of the most prominent niches. Think about when you go into an art gallery and the types of photographs you see. More often than not you will see at least a few snaps of wild life interspersed around other forms of photographs. In a lot of galleries nature photography has its own section. For anyone who wants to become a nature photographer that should be evidence enough of the potential for success. To really get excited about it think also about the macro photography you see in magazines like National Geographic. Wouldn’t it be great to take shots like that? There are so many reasons to get involved in nature photography and if you become a nature photographer you will find even more. It is relaxing and satisfying to take great pictures of wild life. It can also be an adrenaline rush especially if you decide to shoot lions, tigers and bears! Nature photography is one of the most rewarding forms of photography and you can become a nature photographer easier than you may realize.

Urban Photography

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and never has this been more true than in the fine art of urban photography. Cities and photography go hand-in-hand. Who hasn’t been captivated by a stunning shot of a skyline at sunset or of teeming masses as they struggle to make their way through the noise and confusion? The history of urban photography is the best way to capture the development of a culture over time, and a great reminder of how far we have come and how far we still have to go.

Urban photography captures the true essence of a city; the grit and grime as well as the beauty and grace. A city has many layers, and a top photographer know how to peel back the layers in order to discover what it is truly about. That’s why cities and photography have always held a special place in our hearts. The history of urban photography is the history of a nation, since most nations were formed around cities, and they still serve as the place where changes in society occur first. By learning the fine art of urban photography, you too can become a chronicler of the present, which will eventually make you a recorder of history. But this art is not something you can learn on your own. Having the natural talent is a good start, but in order to truly master the ability to combine cities and photography, you need to take the time to develop the necessary skills. The history of urban photography has taught us how important it is to record history in its proper context.

Anybody can become a photographer – all it takes is a camera and a subject to shoot – but only a select few can rise to the top of the profession.  Fortunately, by landing on this page, you have taken the first step in fulfilling your dream of learning urban photography. By studying the tips and learning how to apply them to your craft, you will soon discover all you need to know, including proper angles, what equipment to use, proper lighting techniques, and framing the perfect shot. If you become proficient enough, the time may soon arrive where your work comes to be associated with cities and photography. There is no finer legacy you can leave the world, especially the world of cities, than to be able to add to the history of urban photography.

Become a Sports Photographer – How to Get Started

In the 1990s, most professions, including photography, functioned in a vertical market. That means the work they received from ads placed in magazines and news papers were based on their personal skill, market savvy and luck. This lead to an overabundance of competition among well established photographers and made it nearly impossible for newcomers to get their foot in the door. These days, photography has splintered into specialized areas, meaning the “generalist” no longer runs the show. If you want to become a sports photographer, now is the time! That is easier said than done however, so here is the answer to what do you need to know about sports to become photographer.

The most important thing about sports and photography is capturing the action at exactly the right moment. As you practice your hand at getting the right timing down, you will certainly burn through a lot of frames. This is what is so nice about digital photography. Ensure you have a large memory card, long battery life, and you are free to take as much practice time as you need to work on the photographic timing of capturing a moving object in the frame.

In your effort to become a sports photographer, start your practicing with simple methods. No one becomes a professional overnight. If you have children or have friends who have children that play sports, go to their games and practice there. Not only will this help you in getting great action shots and start to develop the connection between sports and photography, but you will also be able to document the memories of these children playing sports in their youth. With a win-win situation like this, who could turn it down?

A tip concerning what do you need to know about sports to become photographer is that you obviously must know the rules of the game to be able to predict an upcoming moment of action. Focus, then, not purely on taking shots but on watching the action unfold so you can anticipate a great moment to capture on film. If you are serious about your goals to become a sports photographer, you must obtain a camera that is more advanced than your average point-and-shoot. Many advanced models are designed for rapid picture taking so you snap photo after photo to increase your chances of capturing that perfect action moment. Continue to develop your skills and don’t forget to have fun!