How to Plan Your Wedding the Right Way

As wedding photographer, I specialize mainly in weddings and wedding ceremonies. I have witnessed firsthand many weddings and many couples getting stressed on the big day. Your wedding day is a big day for you and it is normal to want it to be the most memorable day of your life. You need to find the perfect dress, perfect tuxedo, the best wedding photographer, wedding venue, caterers, florists, the list is endless. It all comes back to one aspect, the financial aspect and the big question is can all these requirements fit into your budget.

Well as wedding photographer, having witnessed the financial headaches that interfere with many dream weddings, I came up with a few tips. These tips can help you to save money on the planning of your wedding. The first tip is to reduce the number of guests. You do not have to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Invite only a few close friends and family members. This will help your to cut the wedding expenses considerably.

Wedding facilitators like florists, caterers and others services usually cost much more of special days like surtadays or on holidays. This is because there is usually very high demand on these days and thus the prices charged for the services are much higher. It is important to book the venue, flowerists or caterer’s early. Late or last minute bookings may attract higher prices due to the amount of work involved.

You also need to consider less expensive wedding venues or locations. Less cost wedding venues include locations like community centers, public or local parks, backyards, local universities or colleges, halls in apartment complex among many other locations. These venues are less expensive and thus will cut the wedding costs considerably.

In cases you have to rent items like utensils and other items to be used, make sure that you check the order carefully when it arrives. This will ensure that you do not sign for broken, cracked or damaged items that you may be required to pay for later. The same should apply for any other rentals including the tent, glassware among others. Instead of renting or buying glass ware and plates you can consider purchasing and using disposable ware plates and glasses. These are much cheaper than renting or buying china plates and glasses.

If you want the services of a wedding planner, it is less expensive to pay the wedding planner per hour as compared to paying for the services based on the percentage totals of the bill. While contracting the services of a wedding photographer, it is less expensive to limit the amount of photos taken. Keep in mind that in photography quality is better than quantity.

Shortening the wedding planning time will help you to cut wedding expenses. This is because a long wedding planning time will cost more. However, a long planning time can help you to take advantage of the seasonal sales.

And coming from wedding photographer who has witnessed many weddings, I really believe these tips will help you save on your wedding budget and still have your dream wedding.