Tips for Planning an Ideal Wedding Reception

As wedding photographer, I can say with confidence that your wedding reception will likely require as much or even more planning than your ceremony, but it is also the part of your wedding that will most allow you to express yourself and provide your guests with a time to have fun. Your ceremony usually only requires you to think about the things you want as a couple, while your wedding reception requires you to think about what will make your guests happy. The earlier you start planning, the less stressful the experience will be and the more chances you will have to include details that will make it as memorable for your guests as it is for you.

The first thing you will need to consider is what type of reception you want to have. Many couples choose to have a reception that coordinates with the theme of their wedding which will help determine the location and style of the wedding reception. Depending on the complexity of the theme you choose, you may have additional planning to do in order to accommodate your ideas. If you decide not to pick a specific theme, you will often have more options for locations, decorations, food, music and other important choices.

Selecting a venue for your wedding reception can be a fun part of planning your big day. If you have decided on a theme, you should look for a reception location that goes with the theme you are thinking of. Choices for wedding reception venues range from restaurants and banquet halls to art galleries and barns, depending on what you are looking for. Remember that being creative can pay off big time, not only in cost savings but also by making your reception particularly memorable. And it is also important to make sure that you hire wedding photographer that will be able to capture the essence of your wedding reception without getting in the way.

Once you have selected a location for your wedding reception, you will want to start choosing vendors. Doing your planning as early as possible is a smart idea, because many of the best vendors are booked months in advance. As you talk to vendors, let them know what type of theme or feeling you want for your reception and see if they are able to accommodate you. Your choice of theme will also influence your vendor selection- for example, a country style wedding might benefit from a western band and catering by a barbecue business while a more elegant reception may include an orchestra and dining at an upscale eatery. There are no right or wrong choices, but each vendor should work well with you and be excited about helping you create the perfect wedding reception.

As you work out the details of your reception, be sure to stay in touch with vendors who can help you decide what will make your event special. Be sure to mention any special requests as soon as possible, but also be open to suggestions from vendors about what will make your event go smoothly. And don’t forget to ask your wedding photographer for their advice on the best shots to take during the reception. Remember that your wedding reception should be both very personal and exciting for your guests. Of course, the most important tip is to have fun. After all, this is a once in a lifetime event that you will remember forever!

How to Plan Your Wedding the Right Way

As wedding photographer, I specialize mainly in weddings and wedding ceremonies. I have witnessed firsthand many weddings and many couples getting stressed on the big day. Your wedding day is a big day for you and it is normal to want it to be the most memorable day of your life. You need to find the perfect dress, perfect tuxedo, the best wedding photographer, wedding venue, caterers, florists, the list is endless. It all comes back to one aspect, the financial aspect and the big question is can all these requirements fit into your budget.

Well as wedding photographer, having witnessed the financial headaches that interfere with many dream weddings, I came up with a few tips. These tips can help you to save money on the planning of your wedding. The first tip is to reduce the number of guests. You do not have to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Invite only a few close friends and family members. This will help your to cut the wedding expenses considerably.

Wedding facilitators like florists, caterers and others services usually cost much more of special days like surtadays or on holidays. This is because there is usually very high demand on these days and thus the prices charged for the services are much higher. It is important to book the venue, flowerists or caterer’s early. Late or last minute bookings may attract higher prices due to the amount of work involved.

You also need to consider less expensive wedding venues or locations. Less cost wedding venues include locations like community centers, public or local parks, backyards, local universities or colleges, halls in apartment complex among many other locations. These venues are less expensive and thus will cut the wedding costs considerably.

In cases you have to rent items like utensils and other items to be used, make sure that you check the order carefully when it arrives. This will ensure that you do not sign for broken, cracked or damaged items that you may be required to pay for later. The same should apply for any other rentals including the tent, glassware among others. Instead of renting or buying glass ware and plates you can consider purchasing and using disposable ware plates and glasses. These are much cheaper than renting or buying china plates and glasses.

If you want the services of a wedding planner, it is less expensive to pay the wedding planner per hour as compared to paying for the services based on the percentage totals of the bill. While contracting the services of a wedding photographer, it is less expensive to limit the amount of photos taken. Keep in mind that in photography quality is better than quantity.

Shortening the wedding planning time will help you to cut wedding expenses. This is because a long wedding planning time will cost more. However, a long planning time can help you to take advantage of the seasonal sales.

And coming from wedding photographer who has witnessed many weddings, I really believe these tips will help you save on your wedding budget and still have your dream wedding.

Wedding Photographers to Suit Your Budget

Ideal wedding photographers to suit your budget

If you are planning to hire the services of an ideal wedding photographer for your wedding, you should take note of the factors that can determine the rates for hiring one of the best wedding photographers. By knowing about the elements that impact the photography budget, you can set a practical budget, and hire the services of an ideal wedding photographer.

Details on the current rate for wedding photographers

While you are keen to set a practical wedding photography budget, you should remember that you ought to pay a decent sum to hire the services of the best wedding photographers. You should be ready to spend a minimum of $ 1000 to get your wedding documented by wedding photographers. The rates charged by the wedding photographer depend on factors like experience and skill level of the professionals, where the size of a wedding can also impact the wedding photography costs. A wedding with lesser number of guests consumes about four to six working hours of the wedding photographer, whereas the wedding that has a turnaround of more guests can consume eight to ten working hours of the photographer. In effect, the size of a specific wedding ceremony can impact the photography cost.

Compare rates offered by different wedding photographers

Before finding the photographer to suit your budget, you should take efforts to compare the pricing offered by the different wedding photographers. You should take note of the fact that there are different packages offered by different wedding photographers, where there are rates that include only the photographer’s time, and the customer ought to pay extra for an album and prints. There are packages offered by the wedding photographers, which include proofs, an album, and a specified number related to prints. You should decide on the type of wedding photographers services and on the options that you want to compare the rates offered by different wedding photographers for providing the specific option. This can guide you to spot the ideal wedding photographer who can work well within the set budget.

Ideal measures to save wedding photographers rates

If you are keen to hire the services of the best wedding photographer who charges high rates, but also want to save money in the bargain, you should adopt effective measures to save on the budget set for the best wedding photographer services. A basic wedding photography package, which comes with less albums and prints, and that gets offered by the wedding photographer in is an ideal way to cut costs. By negotiating with the wedding photographer, and getting a supplementary parent’s album instead of an engagement portrait is another effective measure to bring down the wedding photography costs.

Take note of wedding photographers contract points

Before entering into a contract with one of the wedding photographers, review the contract to know all the aspects covered by the contract. You should know if you need to make a deposit, and know if there is a chance to get anything back if you plan to cancel the services offered by the wedding photographer. You should take note of extra charges charged by the wedding photographer, and know if you are entitled to get the prints as well as the proofs.

By taking note of the important aspects that can impact the wedding photography budget, you can hire one of the many wedding photographers that is perfectly suited for you.

A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

As wedding photographer, I know that wedding pictures are the most treasured rememberance of a bride’s special day.  That’s why it makes sense to take a few tips from a photographer who can help you look your best at your wedding and in the photos you will enjoy for a lifetime.  Shopping for a dress should be a lot of fun, and if you keep a few simple tips in mind, you will find that you will love the way your dress looks when you see yourself in pictures.  While finding a dress you really love is the most important part of shopping for a wedding dress, the following are three tips that will help you choose the perfect one.

First, remember that not all whites are the same.  Choosing the right shade of white for your dress will make you glow in photos, and can do more for your skin than the best makeup.  Working as wedding photographer, I have seen too many brides make the mistake of wearing a winter white dress when one with a hint of pink or yellow would have made them look so much better.  When you visit your bridal consultant, ask for samples of fabric in different shades of white.  Take them outside (where there is natural light), and put them against your skin.  Consider asking a friend to bring a digital camera, or use your cell phone camera, to take photos of how each color looks beside your face (so you can see your skin and hair in the photo).  The perfect shade will be easy to spot because yout face will light up beside it.  The right shade of white will keep you looking your best in your wedding pictures.

Next, look very carefully at the style of the dress and ask yourself if it will look dated in a few years.  We have all seen the photos of weddings where the bridal party is wearing the latest, trendy style that looks silly just a few short years later (remeber that powder blue tuxedo that looked so stylish in the seventies?).  While you should find a style you love, I believe that most Atlanta wedding photographers will tell you that simpler, more classic styles are best if you want to love them as much in ten years as you do today.

Finally, consider your accessories.  If you want to wear a veil, specific jewelry, or any other accessory, you need to be sure that it coordinates with your dress.  If you plan to wear an intricate necklace, for example, you may want to avoid dresses with a heavily beaded bodice that will make your chest look fussy.  On the other hand, if you plan to wear a long veil, you may want to pick an off the shoulder style that will set off your veil.  You can always change your accessories to match the dress you pick, but if you plan to wear a certain style of jewelry or accessory, bring it with you when you shop.

Working as wedding photographer has given me a chance to see how the right dress can make a bride glow on her most special day.   Choosing a style that will look great in photos as well as in real life will let you enjoy your dress long aftter your big day has passed.

The Role of a Wedding Photographer

A marriage is one of the most unique celebrations in our life and a photographer takes on a crucial role on the day of a wedding and reception. A photographer takes great pride in shooting the best moments throughout the day, so the bride and groom have a physical memory of the affection and excitement they shared with each other. These experiences will last an eternity.

Building a good relationship with the bride and groom is of the utmost importance, as a wedding photographer’s function starts well before the wedding and reception actually happens. There are usually a couple of meetings with prospective customers, as they try to determine which wedding photographer should be hired to take pictures of their wedding and reception. The professional photographer shoots photos of numerous portions of the wedding and reception day and then edits and creates the images after the wedding and reception has ended. Their role doesn’t end until the photos are printed out and delivered to the customers and it is important for the couple to be completely pleased during this complete process.

Depending on the offer the wedding couple select, the wedding photographer normally takes photographs of any or all of the following aspects of the wedding day: the bride and groom making preparations for their special day, the wedding ceremony, the wedding couple (together with their families and bridal party) after the ceremony, the celebration (head table, 1st dance, cake cutting, etc..). Some professional photographers also include an exclusive engagement picture for the bride and groom, as part of their wedding package.

A photographer really has quite a range of responsibilities that have to be carried out in order to capture your “picture perfect” wedding day. These may incorporate:
–    Presenting fabulous pictures of the wedding day to the couple.
–    Creating a rapport and interacting with the bride and groom.
–    Knowing the preferences and hopes of the wedding couple.
–    Remaining educated of a wide assortment of digital photography gear.
–    Maintaining the overall condition of all tools and props.
–    Knowing and capitalizing on the various effects light and shadows have on people and their environment.
–    Looking for the perfect location or background for the pictures.
–    Being familiar with the types of poses and a variety of angles to make certain perfect photos of the bride and groom, family and wedding party.
–    Supervising and working together with personnel.
–    Creating and enhancing the photographs.
–    Performing budgeting, pricing, billing and bookkeeping responsibilities.

Photography Advice Which will Improve The Photos You’re taking

Photography has arrive an extended way since the first times of movie. Now it’s without hesitation that you may take a multitude of photos and later on sort via them or edit them to your choosing. This article will go over the best methods which you could make utilization of technology with reference to your camera.

You need to make sure that you keep your camera dry at all times, but don’t steer clear of possibilities to consider shots within the rain. There’s no disposition quite like the 1 a rainy day or evening can create. This could make for a few very fascinating photos for your viewers.

View the horizon lines in your photos. You need to make sure that they are totally straight so as for the shot to appear straight. If they are crooked or slanted, it’ll seem like the topic make a difference crooked. Which makes you appear incapable of a straight shot, so take the time to ensure your horizons are straight.

Be selective about the components which you consist of in your photo. Go ahead and remove anything in the picture that doesn’t belong there or makes the frame seem unbalanced. Use panning pictures that maintain your topic in concentrate but blur the track record if you cannot remove all undesirable distractions out of your shot.

A good photography suggestion is to know how to create a dynamic composition. You can do this effortlessly by listening to how you crop things within the image. If you display just a component of someone’s body, the photograph will really feel much more dynamic than in the event you were to easily show the entire individual.

A crucial tip to think about with photography would be to be sure that you manually set your white colored balance. This is essential simply because your digital camera doesn’t usually understand what white is, even using the preset options. Bring a white card with you and use it to set the white stability in the environment that you are shooting.

A great photography tip is to usually trust your instincts. In the event you suddenly have the urge to obtain a shot of some thing, select it! Do not allow doubt get in your way. You may look back at your function and decide that spontaneous shot you took represents you.

A lot has altered since the digital camera was first invented. You want to make sure that you’re utilizing your technologies for your advantage in each and every way that you can. Ideally the knowledge in this post will be helpful for you and can improve your photography skills greatly.

Art photography- Making wise choices to become a pro

Art photography- Making wise choices to become a pro

Every photographer is a budding artist, sometimes, that artist goes out for a walk and captures a special and distinct image, making a picture that shows something else. Truth is, art photography is extremely deep and emotional. Some professionals are able to play with shades and more to achieve a result that in a normal photograph it would go unnoticed in our eyes.


Artistic photography is usually known as abstract photography. It is perhaps the freest form of expression that is a photographer, and not subject to any canon or concert, or compromise that almost always require photographic specialties.

A message

Art photography, in simple terms, is the technical process is to capture a moment in an image, a person, place or an object in which there is implicit, because of its medium of expression, a message to communicate. In a primary classification, and despite often being used in a field other than that set by the author, photographs can be: a historical source, family testimony, scientific, artistic exhibits, journalistic resources, elements of an ad advertising, among others. Amazing photography can delight anyone!

When analyzing a photographic image, it is important to note two aspects, firstly the technique, which we consider: lighting, composition, framing, texture, tone, color, etc.  And secondly, the message content is expressed. Nobody should criticize amateur photography. Each picture is unique!


If you have not yet clear where you’re going to tilt your creativity, expert suggest that you take some time alone / a, to pay attention to what are the images that appeal to you, move you, excite you … you must find within you a need to express “something”: your mood, an emotion, an ideology or a concern. Once you discover this, you have the fuel that will feed your creative engine, Let it flow, do not limit, or repress.

You must have confidence in yourself, you need not be perfect, just realize it, you’ll see that over time will improve and will become more beautiful and unique. Get ready to get the best shot ever!

When travelling

When you make a trip and want to take good pictures you should plan from the computer you will use to inform you about the place, know the local customs and the most interesting, we share these hints for you to consider:

Compact cameras are ideal for this type of photos, since practically no weight and take up little space.

Not only do photos in obvious places, but Focus on the details.

Finally, art photography is all about letting your imagination flow. Think outside the box and try to capture the atmosphere and sense of place.

Crucial tips for amateur photography

Crucial tips for amateur photography

With the rise of the digital age, film cameras as not often used today. Digital single-lens reflex or DSLRs and even point and shoot digital cameras have taken over in the photography world. A lot of people learned the benefits and the advantages of using a digital camera or DSLR. Later on, they also realize that taking pictures can be a very good hobby. Add to that, they also learned that through their photos, a new career is set out for them and they can earn something out of it. So for people who are still in the amateur photography, a lot of tips are dished out by professional ones in order to help them develop their skills in taking pictures.

Photography can be learned. With the right gadget and even with self knowledge, amateur photography can turn into gold and newbie can take amazing photography like that of the pro. There are a lot of book, magazines and even internet sites where experts talk about art photography, landscape photography and the like. But for amateurs, they need to know the basic principles first in taking photos. Here are some of the tips they should keep in mind to capture the right place, at the right time and let the picture tell the story.

Have that picture in mind and make use of the surroundings. This is an important deal in art photography where the photographer makes use of the movement of the people, indirect or direct lighting, and other details. When looking for a better composition, this is a much advanced thing for amateur photography and they need to know the technical side of their DSLR first before applying it to their picture.

Always keep in mind that underexposure is equals poor color quality. Cameras today even the digital ones can detect poor lighting. Sometimes, it directly appears into the screen of the camera so that the photographer will be aware of the poor light quality. However, if there is no other way but to take the picture, there are Photoshop and other programs that can autocorrect the picture.

Although Photoshop are available, it should not be relied on all the time in amateur photography. Although these are very helpful tools in editing pictures, most professional cameramen are not relying on it because they aim to take good to perfect pictures to develop their photography skills.

Lastly, the only way to become effective in their field is to always use the camera when opportunity comes. As what the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

How can you achieve that amazing photo?

Taking photographs do not only capture the best moment but it can also be a good hobby. Add to that, amazing photography can be an additional source of income. By just taking pictures that capture the minds or liked by people surfing the net, it they can buy the picture on the internet. All they need to do is learn the tips and tricks in taking pictures. Additional know-how on how to angle the camera and how to help convey the message with the photograph is a very positive thing especially in amateur photography.

Trying to convey a message can be difficult thing in photography. For most people using digital cameras, digital single-lens reflex or DSLR, they only take much of the portrait shots and wide angled shots. But for pictures that tell a story, it is a different thing. There are different tips and tricks that can be applied to gat that amazing photography everybody has wanted to achieve. And they will be amazed that with doing simple things, they can get an abstract photography and the like. Here are some of the tips in order to convey the message on their shot.

Try to move the subject especially the face away from the center of the frame. When looking at the screen in point and shoot cameras or when aiming the DSLR on the subject, avoid putting the subject in the center. This makes the photo less meaningful. The eyes of the views are fixed on the center. One of the main goals in taking amazing photography is to let the eyes move from corner to corner.

For a dramatic photo, try not to use the flash especially in cases where candles are involved. A lot of art photography takes photos where there is a candle in the middle of the dark. To achieve that photo, flashes should be out. Since shutter speed is lowered, they may need some tripod or place the camera on a surface to avoid blurring of the picture.

When a model is used, as much as possible, advice them to be natural and give them more space to work on. Allow the subjects to move around, look at the surroundings.  That’s when photographers feel and have this idea that they can get a good shot that tells a story in candid moments.

Remember that the scene itself is key in achieving the amazing photography. If they want something that is dramatic, they can shoot during sunset. To give that scary look, take photos of an old house. These are just some tips that will surely hone the skills of young photographers.

10 Wedding Day Photography Tips

Number 1: You are planning your wedding and you have a budget where it be $20,000 or $500,000 I suggest a good wedding planner who can help you with your budget, decor, vendors or just a day of coordinator who will will help you with your rehearsal dinner and decorate your venue and reception area and more!

Number 2: You have booked your venue and coordinator but you want to look at wedding photographers that are not on the referral list because maybe you want a film (medium format) photographer or a digital photographer or a hybrid photographer ( a photographer that shoots both film and digital) or maybe you just want someone with a different style. Where do you go??? There are a few places you can start. Wedding blogs are a great place because they feature many wedding photographers and other vendors. I do suggest that you look at the featured wedding photographers or featured weddings. You can try family and friends who have had great experiances with there wedding photographer. You can also search Pintrest or the Web.

Number 3: You have seen many wedding photographers sites by now and you are ready to pick 1,3, 6 or 12 if you would like to interview. Hopefully by now you know if they are in your budget. If they are not maybe you can try adding them to your Bridal wish list much like a registry where your family and friends can add $50, $100 or $1000 dollars as a gift to you and your fiance…who needs another blender when you can have great wedding photography! Experianced and creative wedding photographers start around $2000 for 4 to 6 hrs and go up from there depending upon where you live or demand. Can you get a good photographer for less I would say yes but not much less.

Number 4: Meeting with the photographers should go smoothly and the photographer may or may not be the type to show you everything he or she had done along with albums etc. Some show more work than others but do not let that steer you away from hiring someone. I suggest when you meet with the photographers you ask questions. The wedding photographer will be interested on making your day memorable so he or she will want to know about you and your fiance and the wedding details. So you have met with 3 wedding photographers who do amazing work with fabulous reviews and they are all in your budget who do you choose? Answer go with the photographer that you connect with and make you feel secure and comfortable.

Number 5: It is the day of your e-session, you your fiance and photographer are having so much fun on…engagement session can be 1 hr long to 2 or more if no one is watching the time. Your photographer has taken so many images. Well this is not the case on your wedding day. You will be glad to have taken a little more time at your e-session because on your wedding day it is fast pace and you will be lucky of you have 45 mins but most of the time you have 30 mins. If you run late then 15 or 10 mins. I would not consider 10 mins enough time but a skilled photographer can create great images in this time if need be.

Number 6: It is your wedding day when should you put on your wedding gown 2 hrs prior to ceremony is my answer to brides because your guest may be arriving 15 mins to a 1/2 hour earlier. And if you are getting married at the venue and getting ready at the venue you do not want anyone to see the bride right? It also will take you 20 to 30 mins to get into your gown, shoes jewelry etc…at this time the photographer may or may not be staging some of this. You now are ready to go outside for bridal portraits, bridemaids portraits, mom and dad sister etc. Better to get this done now you may only have 1 hr most likely after the ceremony for family portraits and bride and groom portraits. Now you are all done and there may be 30 mins left for you to touch up and relax before you have to go again. It is a bit easier for the groom as it is ok for your guests to see him.

Number 7: First look will this give me more time? Yes if you schedule additional time. Should I do a first look? I will let you both decide

Number 8: Family portraits need to be very organized the photographer. The photographer will ask you to create a shot list. This list is usually immediate family, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, step siblings, step parents. Brothers and sisters that are married and have children are also immediate family members. There may be a special friend or aunt you want a portrait with but keep in mind you only have 40 to 45 mins left. Pictures of all your wedding party groomsmen and bridesmaids some include flowergirl and ring bearer some brides and groom do not.

Number 9: Time for the bride and groom pictures but I only have 15 mins. everything ran late  because this ____ happened and now I am only going to have limited bride and groom pictures. Not so. There will be a time at the reception that the bride and groom can sneak out for another 15 mins lets say when the guests are dancing. Night shots can be beautiful.

Number 10: At the reception a photographer can set up a picture area this is not a booth it is just a quiet area where the guests can have there pictures taken with there families. Not all photographers do this so if you are interested in a portrait area ask your photographer if he or she will provide this on your wedding day. A 3rd photographer or skilled assistant may be necessary. The get away car, sparklers may be your ending to a perfect wedding day. May your day be picture perfect…cheers!