A Guide to Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

As wedding photographer, I know that wedding pictures are the most treasured rememberance of a bride’s special day.  That’s why it makes sense to take a few tips from a photographer who can help you look your best at your wedding and in the photos you will enjoy for a lifetime.  Shopping for a dress should be a lot of fun, and if you keep a few simple tips in mind, you will find that you will love the way your dress looks when you see yourself in pictures.  While finding a dress you really love is the most important part of shopping for a wedding dress, the following are three tips that will help you choose the perfect one.

First, remember that not all whites are the same.  Choosing the right shade of white for your dress will make you glow in photos, and can do more for your skin than the best makeup.  Working as wedding photographer, I have seen too many brides make the mistake of wearing a winter white dress when one with a hint of pink or yellow would have made them look so much better.  When you visit your bridal consultant, ask for samples of fabric in different shades of white.  Take them outside (where there is natural light), and put them against your skin.  Consider asking a friend to bring a digital camera, or use your cell phone camera, to take photos of how each color looks beside your face (so you can see your skin and hair in the photo).  The perfect shade will be easy to spot because yout face will light up beside it.  The right shade of white will keep you looking your best in your wedding pictures.

Next, look very carefully at the style of the dress and ask yourself if it will look dated in a few years.  We have all seen the photos of weddings where the bridal party is wearing the latest, trendy style that looks silly just a few short years later (remeber that powder blue tuxedo that looked so stylish in the seventies?).  While you should find a style you love, I believe that most Atlanta wedding photographers will tell you that simpler, more classic styles are best if you want to love them as much in ten years as you do today.

Finally, consider your accessories.  If you want to wear a veil, specific jewelry, or any other accessory, you need to be sure that it coordinates with your dress.  If you plan to wear an intricate necklace, for example, you may want to avoid dresses with a heavily beaded bodice that will make your chest look fussy.  On the other hand, if you plan to wear a long veil, you may want to pick an off the shoulder style that will set off your veil.  You can always change your accessories to match the dress you pick, but if you plan to wear a certain style of jewelry or accessory, bring it with you when you shop.

Working as wedding photographer has given me a chance to see how the right dress can make a bride glow on her most special day.   Choosing a style that will look great in photos as well as in real life will let you enjoy your dress long aftter your big day has passed.

The Role of a Wedding Photographer

A marriage is one of the most unique celebrations in our life and a photographer takes on a crucial role on the day of a wedding and reception. A photographer takes great pride in shooting the best moments throughout the day, so the bride and groom have a physical memory of the affection and excitement they shared with each other. These experiences will last an eternity.

Building a good relationship with the bride and groom is of the utmost importance, as a wedding photographer’s function starts well before the wedding and reception actually happens. There are usually a couple of meetings with prospective customers, as they try to determine which wedding photographer should be hired to take pictures of their wedding and reception. The professional photographer shoots photos of numerous portions of the wedding and reception day and then edits and creates the images after the wedding and reception has ended. Their role doesn’t end until the photos are printed out and delivered to the customers and it is important for the couple to be completely pleased during this complete process.

Depending on the offer the wedding couple select, the wedding photographer normally takes photographs of any or all of the following aspects of the wedding day: the bride and groom making preparations for their special day, the wedding ceremony, the wedding couple (together with their families and bridal party) after the ceremony, the celebration (head table, 1st dance, cake cutting, etc..). Some professional photographers also include an exclusive engagement picture for the bride and groom, as part of their wedding package.

A photographer really has quite a range of responsibilities that have to be carried out in order to capture your “picture perfect” wedding day. These may incorporate:
–    Presenting fabulous pictures of the wedding day to the couple.
–    Creating a rapport and interacting with the bride and groom.
–    Knowing the preferences and hopes of the wedding couple.
–    Remaining educated of a wide assortment of digital photography gear.
–    Maintaining the overall condition of all tools and props.
–    Knowing and capitalizing on the various effects light and shadows have on people and their environment.
–    Looking for the perfect location or background for the pictures.
–    Being familiar with the types of poses and a variety of angles to make certain perfect photos of the bride and groom, family and wedding party.
–    Supervising and working together with personnel.
–    Creating and enhancing the photographs.
–    Performing budgeting, pricing, billing and bookkeeping responsibilities.

Photography Advice Which will Improve The Photos You’re taking

Photography has arrive an extended way since the first times of movie. Now it’s without hesitation that you may take a multitude of photos and later on sort via them or edit them to your choosing. This article will go over the best methods which you could make utilization of technology with reference to your camera.

You need to make sure that you keep your camera dry at all times, but don’t steer clear of possibilities to consider shots within the rain. There’s no disposition quite like the 1 a rainy day or evening can create. This could make for a few very fascinating photos for your viewers.

View the horizon lines in your photos. You need to make sure that they are totally straight so as for the shot to appear straight. If they are crooked or slanted, it’ll seem like the topic make a difference crooked. Which makes you appear incapable of a straight shot, so take the time to ensure your horizons are straight.

Be selective about the components which you consist of in your photo. Go ahead and remove anything in the picture that doesn’t belong there or makes the frame seem unbalanced. Use panning pictures that maintain your topic in concentrate but blur the track record if you cannot remove all undesirable distractions out of your shot.

A good photography suggestion is to know how to create a dynamic composition. You can do this effortlessly by listening to how you crop things within the image. If you display just a component of someone’s body, the photograph will really feel much more dynamic than in the event you were to easily show the entire individual.

A crucial tip to think about with photography would be to be sure that you manually set your white colored balance. This is essential simply because your digital camera doesn’t usually understand what white is, even using the preset options. Bring a white card with you and use it to set the white stability in the environment that you are shooting.

A great photography tip is to usually trust your instincts. In the event you suddenly have the urge to obtain a shot of some thing, select it! Do not allow doubt get in your way. You may look back at your function and decide that spontaneous shot you took represents you.

A lot has altered since the digital camera was first invented. You want to make sure that you’re utilizing your technologies for your advantage in each and every way that you can. Ideally the knowledge in this post will be helpful for you and can improve your photography skills greatly.

Art photography- Making wise choices to become a pro

Art photography- Making wise choices to become a pro

Every photographer is a budding artist, sometimes, that artist goes out for a walk and captures a special and distinct image, making a picture that shows something else. Truth is, art photography is extremely deep and emotional. Some professionals are able to play with shades and more to achieve a result that in a normal photograph it would go unnoticed in our eyes.


Artistic photography is usually known as abstract photography. It is perhaps the freest form of expression that is a photographer, and not subject to any canon or concert, or compromise that almost always require photographic specialties.

A message

Art photography, in simple terms, is the technical process is to capture a moment in an image, a person, place or an object in which there is implicit, because of its medium of expression, a message to communicate. In a primary classification, and despite often being used in a field other than that set by the author, photographs can be: a historical source, family testimony, scientific, artistic exhibits, journalistic resources, elements of an ad advertising, among others. Amazing photography can delight anyone!

When analyzing a photographic image, it is important to note two aspects, firstly the technique, which we consider: lighting, composition, framing, texture, tone, color, etc.  And secondly, the message content is expressed. Nobody should criticize amateur photography. Each picture is unique!


If you have not yet clear where you’re going to tilt your creativity, expert suggest that you take some time alone / a, to pay attention to what are the images that appeal to you, move you, excite you … you must find within you a need to express “something”: your mood, an emotion, an ideology or a concern. Once you discover this, you have the fuel that will feed your creative engine, Let it flow, do not limit, or repress.

You must have confidence in yourself, you need not be perfect, just realize it, you’ll see that over time will improve and will become more beautiful and unique. Get ready to get the best shot ever!

When travelling

When you make a trip and want to take good pictures you should plan from the computer you will use to inform you about the place, know the local customs and the most interesting, we share these hints for you to consider:

Compact cameras are ideal for this type of photos, since practically no weight and take up little space.

Not only do photos in obvious places, but Focus on the details.

Finally, art photography is all about letting your imagination flow. Think outside the box and try to capture the atmosphere and sense of place.

Crucial tips for amateur photography

Crucial tips for amateur photography

With the rise of the digital age, film cameras as not often used today. Digital single-lens reflex or DSLRs and even point and shoot digital cameras have taken over in the photography world. A lot of people learned the benefits and the advantages of using a digital camera or DSLR. Later on, they also realize that taking pictures can be a very good hobby. Add to that, they also learned that through their photos, a new career is set out for them and they can earn something out of it. So for people who are still in the amateur photography, a lot of tips are dished out by professional ones in order to help them develop their skills in taking pictures.

Photography can be learned. With the right gadget and even with self knowledge, amateur photography can turn into gold and newbie can take amazing photography like that of the pro. There are a lot of book, magazines and even internet sites where experts talk about art photography, landscape photography and the like. But for amateurs, they need to know the basic principles first in taking photos. Here are some of the tips they should keep in mind to capture the right place, at the right time and let the picture tell the story.

Have that picture in mind and make use of the surroundings. This is an important deal in art photography where the photographer makes use of the movement of the people, indirect or direct lighting, and other details. When looking for a better composition, this is a much advanced thing for amateur photography and they need to know the technical side of their DSLR first before applying it to their picture.

Always keep in mind that underexposure is equals poor color quality. Cameras today even the digital ones can detect poor lighting. Sometimes, it directly appears into the screen of the camera so that the photographer will be aware of the poor light quality. However, if there is no other way but to take the picture, there are Photoshop and other programs that can autocorrect the picture.

Although Photoshop are available, it should not be relied on all the time in amateur photography. Although these are very helpful tools in editing pictures, most professional cameramen are not relying on it because they aim to take good to perfect pictures to develop their photography skills.

Lastly, the only way to become effective in their field is to always use the camera when opportunity comes. As what the saying goes, practice makes perfect.